Clouds Lenormand Card

The Clouds is one of the most important Lenormand cards.

In addition to the general interpretation, you receive the meaning for your health, career, finances, fate, and love for singles and couples in detail.

Finally, you will find all combinations with the other Lenormand cards.

Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning

Clouds Lenormand Card Keywords

Doubt, Uncertainty, Misunderstanding, Opaque, Secrets, Confusion

Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning

The Clouds Lenormand Card stands for great doubt in life. You are not sure whether you are still on the right path.

Without direction, you have difficulties to find your way in the world. Such doubts can paralyze you as you see no perspective.

Therefore, try to find clear goals for yourself that you can stick to.

The Clouds symbolize misunderstandings with other people. We often only hear what we want to hear and neglect other levels of communication.

As a result, we misinterpret many messages from our fellow human beings. The resulting confusion can only be resolved through clear communication.

In a Lenormand reading, the Clouds reveal that a secret is increasingly dominating your everyday life. Either something is being kept secret from you, or you are not allowed to talk to anyone about a matter.

See how the secret makes you feel. If you have a bad gut feeling, you should confide in someone and get some clarity.

Clouds Lenormand Card Love and Relationship

You have serious doubts as to whether a current love affair can develop into something more. The other person is holding something back from you.

A relationship can only flourish if you are honest with each other right from the start. Try to share your feelings and concerns with them and see if they can open up to you a little more.

You feel very insecure about dating at the moment. On the one hand, you don’t really know what you actually want from someone.

On the other hand, you’re afraid of rejection, which is why you don’t dare to flirt.

To become more confident again, you should set small goals, such as simply approaching someone in a friendly way without expecting too much.

There have been more and more misunderstandings with your partner recently. You are looking at certain problems from different angles.

You don’t take the other person’s perspective into account enough. If you manage to empathize with the other partner, their thoughts will seem much clearer.

You start to doubt whether your partnership still has a future. You can hardly get through to your partner and have the feeling that there is something unspoken between you.

Try to find out the cause of your difficult communication and get help if in doubt. Because only if you talk openly with each other again will you have a future together.

Clouds Lenormand Card Health

In health matters, the Clouds represent inexplicable symptoms that are troubling you. That has been going on for a while now, although you have already tried various healing methods.

Try to consult a doctor or healer so that you finally have certainty. The sooner you know what is bothering you, the sooner you can counteract it.

You are unsure about a therapy. Your suffering has hardly been alleviated, and neither has the cause.

You should consider getting a second opinion so your condition doesn’t get any worse. To avoid misunderstandings, you should explain your entire medical history in detail to the new doctor.

Clouds Lenormand Card Job

The Clouds Lenormand card reveals serious doubts about your job. You feel that your profession is not really your path in life.

Therefore, try to get to the bottom of your doubts. In doing so, you may discover what your heart is burning for.

As soon as you have a new direction, you should follow it.

In your professional environment, there are more and more misunderstandings between colleagues. The resulting confusion is pure poison for the entire working atmosphere.

Try to send clear messages yourself or, if necessary, ask if you have not understood something. Your behavior will also make you a role model for other employees.

Clouds Lenormand Card Finances

Opaque finances make long-term security and planning difficult for you. You hardly have an overview of your income and expenditure.

As a result, a financial storm continues to brew over you. Try to take some time once a week to get your documents in order so that you don’t get any nasty surprises.

A nebulous contract means you lose a lot of money every month. So check your financial agreements and, above all, read the small print.

There are often horrendous fees hidden behind obscure wording. If necessary, get help to better understand your financial contracts.

Clouds Lenormand Card Person

You are approached by a mysterious person who does not fully reveal their motives.

Clouds Lenormand Card Time

A rather indefinite time frame. It can happen in a flash or take a long time.

Clouds Lenormand Card and its Combinations

Clouds – Rider

Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning Rider Lenormand Card Meaning

You receive messages whose deeper meaning is still hidden. It is not yet clear what consequences you will face. Therefore, be vigilant.

At the same time, you are inhibited in your drive for action, as you do not see your path clearly in front of you.

When flirting with someone, you receive very ambivalent signals. Your partner’s true feelings remain hidden.

In a partnership, there are increasing indications that you are facing a test of endurance. Don’t act rashly, but wait until your sky clears up a little.

Clouds – Clover

Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning Clover Lenormand Card Meaning

A favorable opportunity turns out to be a castle in the air. You have unfortunately missed the right moment, which is why you should look elsewhere.

An unfortunate event casts its shadow ahead. Better prepare yourself for it.

You have fallen in love with someone. Unfortunately, your hesitant actions mean your crush has already moved on again.

You are currently experiencing a gloomy phase in your relationship. You need to push the rain clouds away together to see the sun again.

Clouds – Ship

Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning Ship Lenormand Card Meaning

You don’t know where your journey is going right now. Very contradictory paths are opening up to you, and it is unclear where they will lead.

One of your undertakings is not under a good star. The clouds obscure your view so you don’t recognize what lies ahead.

Someone invites you to go away with them. But you don’t have a good feeling about it because you’re not sure what the other person wants.

In your partnership, the direction of your path together is unclear. You have to move on but don’t know where to go.

Clouds – House

Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning House Lenormand Card Meaning

Fears and worries plague you at home. You feel uncomfortable within your own four walls and would like to get out again.

There may also be insecurity or damage to the house. A rent or installment increase is not unlikely.

You are hiding at home instead of looking for happiness in love, which means you are missing out on many opportunities.

Although you and your partner live in the same house, you lack a sense of security at the moment. Everyone lives for themselves in the day.

Clouds – Tree

Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning Tree Lenormand Card Meaning

You feel uncertain about your spiritual path. The direction only appears unclear, so you can hardly grow beyond yourself.

Your physical health is slightly impaired. First of all, you should recuperate.

Depressive moods are very troublesome for you as they cloud your mind. You should postpone therefore your search for a partner.

There is uncertainty in your relationship as to what your common goals as a couple are for the future.

Clouds – Snake

Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning Snake Lenormand Card Meaning

Someone is trying to cloud your mind and lead you astray. You can escape manipulation by keeping your mind alert.

Conflicting desires are fighting within you. You are unsure which one you should pursue.

Someone seduces you. However, due to the first intoxication of love, you cannot act rationally, so be careful.

There are currently no clear goals in your relationship. You are confused about where your journey should take you. Therefore, discuss your future path together.

Clouds – Coffin

Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning Coffin Lenormand Card Meaning

A significant ending brings with it a number of uncertainties. Many things have not yet been clarified and now need to be tackled.

Some of your major doubts dissolve completely. That gives you a clearer view of things again.

Initial worries about the start of a love affair are dispelled. Your heart is clearly telling you that you should take the next step.

An important connection between you ends in a partnership. Both of you are at a loss.

Clouds – Bouquet

Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning Bouquet Lenormand Card Meaning

There is a great deal of confusion in your circle of friends. Certain matters have not been sufficiently clarified.

Someone thanks you. But this gratitude is only an act, and the true motives remain hidden.

Various budding love affairs in your circle of friends are causing unrest. You should think carefully about whether you want to turn a friendship into something more.

Your partner is pretending false facts in front of your friends. Talk to them about the negative consequences of such behavior.

Clouds – Scythe

Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning Scythe Lenormand Card Meaning

Sudden doubts cause you to end your plans prematurely. Listen completely to your gut feeling.

On the other hand, some of your worries will be dispelled. A ray of light penetrates through the clouds and shows you the truth.

Even if it’s just a flirtation so far, a bad gut feeling spontaneously makes itself felt. You should listen to your inner warning.

Worries about your partnership are dispelled by a shared experience. But you need to keep working on your relationship.

Clouds – Whip

Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning Whip Lenormand Card Meaning

There is a high level of hidden aggression in your immediate environment. Without openly addressing the causes, the barrel will soon overflow.

Your own misconduct makes you feel guilty. Therefore, take responsibility for your actions to free yourself from your inner burden.

You have made one or two missteps in your search for a partner. Own up to your mistakes and face up to them.

Many conflicts are bubbling under the surface in your life together. You need to channel your aggression sensibly so it doesn’t harm your partnership.

Clouds – Birds

Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning Birds Lenormand Card Meaning

Certain misunderstandings lead to a high level of stress and confusion. They could easily be resolved by clarifying words.

People are talking badly about you behind your back. Such rumors confuse your fellow human beings.

Your crush has heard things about you that are causing him to have doubts. Only you can clear things up for him.

Lately, you’ve been talking past each other, which leads to misunderstandings. Try to take the other person’s perspective and understand each other better.

Clouds – Child

Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning Child Lenormand Card Meaning

The topic of children worries you. Either it’s about your own children or a long-awaited child in your family.

Your inexperience in one area of life makes you doubt your abilities. But we all started small once.

You are unsure whether you should pursue a flirtation. Your love is like a bud just beginning to blossom. Give it time to grow.

Doubts about your partner are growing inside you. What began as a small feeling is developing into a serious concern.

Clouds – Fox

Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning Fox Lenormand Card Meaning

Be on your guard with a certain person. He or she may be misrepresenting facts in order to get rich from you.

You should be careful with a major project if all the details have not been clarified. After all, the devil is in the details.

Someone is seducing you by every trick in the book. But his true intentions are purely selfish, which is why you should be careful.

As a couple, you experience an intrigue against you. Only if you stand firm together can you avert greater harm.

Clouds – Bear

Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning Bear Lenormand Card Meaning

Big worries now dominate your everyday life. Even if it is difficult, you should face them one by one.

You have justified doubts about an authority figure. Their decisions are not easy for you to understand.

A lover tries to set the tone right from the start. You feel unsure whether you really want to enter into a relationship with someone like this.

One part of your relationship is very dominant. However, their views are not without flaws and may be questioned.

Clouds – Stars

Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning Stars Lenormand Card Meaning

You currently lack a clear purpose in life. You are unsure what to make of yourself and where your journey is taking you.

You feel hopeless about an important project. Little progress is being made and urgent problems have not been solved.

You have increasing doubts about finding true love. Don’t put yourself under too much pressure because love often takes time.

You are worried that your partnership is stagnating and that the feelings you once had have died out. Don’t carry your doubts around, but discuss them with your partner.

Clouds – Stork

Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning Stork Lenormand Card Meaning

You are worried about an impending change in your life. Try to adopt a more positive perspective.

A change in everyday life is not going as smoothly as expected. You have to overcome some obstacles.

The prospect of a new partnership is causing you to have doubts. Perhaps you would rather wait a little longer and enjoy being alone.

Old habits are changing in your relationship. That will be a test for both of you.

Clouds – Dog

Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning Dog Lenormand Card Meaning

You are unsure about an existing friendship. Your relationship doesn’t seem to be completely balanced and honest.

You were mistaken about the loyalty of a close person. You are confused by the fact that she is suddenly stabbing you in the back.

A new romantic relationship is causing you to have doubts. The person in question doesn’t seem to take fidelity very seriously.

Your partner has let you down unexpectedly. You are confused about his actions and should definitely confront him.

Clouds – Tower

Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning Tower Lenormand Card Meaning

An official matter is becoming increasingly opaque. Officials are keeping a low profile, so you have to find other ways to intervene.

To clear your head again, you should withdraw for a while. Then the fog of thought can clear a little.

At the moment, you are confused about your own feelings towards someone. Withdraw for a while and try to gain clarity.

An official matter is becoming a stress test for you. There are many misunderstandings that you need to clear up.

Clouds – Garden

Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning Garden Lenormand Card Meaning

You find yourself in mysterious company. The other participants seem to be hiding something from you, so be vigilant.

You are trying to keep something secret from the public. After all, not everyone needs to know what you do in private.

You want to hide a new love affair from others at first because you are not yet aware of your own feelings.

As a couple, you avoid publicity. That arouses the suspicion of others so that people are already talking about you.

Clouds – Mountain

Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning Mountain Lenormand Card Meaning

Your uncertainty about a challenge leads to even more problems. Your hesitation only makes things more difficult for you.

There are major ambiguities and misunderstandings about a task. That delays your progress.

You become very insecure around your crush and don’t therefore approach them. That makes flirting less and less likely.

You have a difficult challenge ahead of you in a relationship. But due to some misunderstandings, you’re not getting anywhere.

Clouds – Way

Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning Way Lenormand Card Meaning

Your chosen path is causing more problems than expected. But you have to finish it now, and then things will clear up.

The decisions you make have opaque consequences that could harm your everyday life.

You have to choose between two people. There is a lot of worry in your heart about which choice is the right one.

You and your partner are faced with an important decision. But all alternatives can put your relationship to the test.

Clouds – Mice

Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning Mice Lenormand Card Meaning

You have been finding it difficult to think clearly recently. As a result, you are neglecting important areas of your life that are gradually falling apart.

Someone is trying to take advantage of you by giving you benefits. Don’t let yourself be corrupted.

At the moment, you have a lot on your mind and hardly any time for love. Your lack of attention is the reason why little is happening in love at the moment.

Your partner is secretly trying to take advantage of you. This kind of behavior endangers your relationship, which is why you should talk to him.

Clouds – Heart

Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning Heart Lenormand Card Meaning

An ex-partner comes back into your life and stirs up old feelings. Don’t rush into a love adventure.

The love for someone close to you (friend, family, partner) is clearly clouded. Something unspoken is in the air.

You are unsure whether a certain person has sincere feelings for you. So far, you have only received ambivalent signals that make you feel insecure.

You are plagued by doubts about your partner’s feelings towards you. He hasn’t shown you whether he likes you for a long time.

Clouds – Ring

Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning Ring Lenormand Card Meaning

You have made a commitment that is causing you great doubt. You are not fully committed to the matter and would prefer to relinquish your responsibility.

A signed contract contains more ambiguities than previously assumed. Get support to gain clarity.

You would rather avoid a firmly planned date. However, someone is relying on you to at least show up.

Being in a relationship means taking responsibility for each other. But you are not sure to what extent you can make this commitment.

Clouds – Book

Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning Book Lenormand Card Meaning

The search for truth is difficult because it is hidden behind many secrets and deceptions.

You have doubts about further education or a course of study. You are afraid of not being able to meet the requirements.

In your search for love, you have already leafed through several guidebooks. But you haven’t been able to find the magic formula yet.

Your partner has secret activities going on that annoy you. You would like more transparency in your relationship.

Clouds – Letter

Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning Letter Lenormand Card Meaning

A message to you causes discomfort and confusion. The information it contains raises more questions than it answers.

Someone is officially complaining about you. The accusations are even in writing, which is why you should take a stand immediately.

A crush sends you obscure messages. It is not clear whether he is still interested in you.

You receive a message that is very upsetting for one of you. Stand by each other now to get through this difficult time together.

Clouds – Man

Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning Man Lenormand Card Meaning

A man brings confusion and uncertainty into your life. His influence is not insignificant, which is why you should confront him.

A male person is hiding something important from you. Ask him to be honest with you.

You simply can’t get a man out of your head. He confuses you more and more with his insinuations.

One man is unsettling your life together. That could be an ex-partner or a family member.

Clouds – Woman

Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning Woman Lenormand Card Meaning

A woman brings confusion and uncertainty into your life. Her influence is not insignificant, which is why you should confront her.

A female person is hiding something important from you. Ask her to be honest with you.

You simply can’t get a woman out of your head. She confuses you more and more with her constant hints.

A woman is unsettling your life together. That could be an ex-partner or a family member.

Clouds – Lily

Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning Lily Lenormand Card Meaning

You have doubts about your own moral standards. You are facing a situation that requires you to reflect on your values once again.

Your sex life only takes place in secret. You feel guilty about this towards yourself.

You are unsure whether your crush adheres to ethical values that are important to you. A clarifying conversation can help in this case.

You hardly talk about your sexuality anymore, which means there is little passion in your relationship. Even a little tenderness can revitalize your relationship.

Clouds – Sun

Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning Sun Lenormand Card Meaning

You don’t know how to enjoy life at the moment. Just try out a few new things and let the sun back into your everyday life.

Although you are going through a happy phase, it is being overshadowed by a harmful event.

Finding a partner is not giving you any pleasure at the moment. You also have no clear idea what kind of partner you are looking for.

You feel little happiness in your partnership at the moment. You have doubts as to whether you can continue to have a relationship like this.

Clouds – Moon

Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning Moon Lenormand Card Meaning

You are experiencing emotional chaos at the moment. You are finding it difficult to understand your emotions as they are all shrouded in a thick fog.

You find it difficult to put yourself in someone else’s emotional world. Empathy is easier when you have a clear and calm mind.

You are unsure whether you really have feelings for someone. The first infatuation is over, and you see the other person with different eyes.

There are frequent misunderstandings on an emotional level in your partnership.

Clouds – Key

Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning Key Lenormand Card Meaning

In a phase of uncertainty, the key to a problem appears. Don’t hesitate and seize the opportunity that presents itself.

Something important remains hidden from you. You have to trust your intuition completely to uncover the secret.

Your crush is not revealing his feelings to you. To open him up to you, you need to gain his trust even more.

An event causes your partner to close themselves off from you. Gently get him to open up to you again.

Clouds – Fish

Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning Fish Lenormand Card Meaning

You are unsure about what really has value for you in life. Look inside yourself to see what gives you pleasure and promote these aspects.

Financial ventures raise doubts in you. Without a clear overview, chaos looms.

In love, you are unsure what values you expect from your partner. Your own moral standards can help you in this matter.

As a couple, your finances have become confusing. There is some confusion among you as to how it could have come to this.

Clouds – Anchor

Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning Anchor Lenormand Card Meaning

You are unsure about your own roots. Things from the past shed new light on your origins.

You lack stability in life. As a result, you often wander aimlessly and have no real harbor to head for.

You find it difficult to concentrate on finding a partner. Your attention is currently tied up with other matters.

Your relationship lacks common goals. Each of you is only interested in your own visions without considering the other.

Clouds – Cross

Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning Cross Lenormand Card Meaning

Your faith leads to a clearer view of some problems. You see the solution more and more clearly before your inner eye.

You doubt certain religious dogmas and question them. That creates a more intense bond with your faith.

You firmly believe in true love so it gradually reveals itself to you. Believe in yourself and your inner radiance, and you will find a partner.

You begin to question certain rules in your relationship. That keeps your life together dynamic.