PA World

General Meaning
The World Tarot card reveals that you have successfully completed a crucial phase in life. Be it an apprenticeship/study or an important project at work, your efforts and perseverance have now paid off and everything has gone as you had imagined.

You have brought about the fulfillment of these cycles yourself through your dedication and willingness to make an effort so that you can now reap the fruits of your labor.

Calmly look back on the path that lies behind you and make yourself aware of the ups and downs you had to overcome to now be at your destination.

In a love Tarot reading for singles, the World card finally reveals a breakthrough in your search for love. You have been through some ups and downs in your single life so far, but soon a new relationship will reveal itself at the end of your path.

That person can be a longtime friend with whom you have developed strong feelings and who reciprocates these emotions in different ways. Take the final step and reveal yourself to your love.

You will simultaneously take the first step into a new and enriching relationship.

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