PA Star

General Meaning
The Star signals an upcoming or existing phase of happiness in our lives. We all long for happy moments with our family, friends or ourselves, where we can recharge our batteries and simply enjoy our lives.

Unfortunately, we often miss such beautiful moments because our thoughts revolve too much around negative aspects of our everyday life. We do not allow ourselves the time to enjoy our happiness.

Try to be more aware of the small moments of happiness in everyday life and look for them. You will then build a good counterweight of positive energy, which makes the small worries of everyday life no longer seem so big.

The appearance of The Star in a Love Tarot reading encourages you as a single to hope. Especially if you have a long time of waiting or loneliness behind you, opportunities in matters of love will soon arise for you.

You must continue to believe in yourself and keep up the hope of meeting someone for life. That confidence will help you recognize new chances in love and use them accordingly.

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