PA Moon

General Meaning
The Moon is a sign of increasing clarity. Especially when you are stuck in a problem, The Moon Reversed signals that you will soon see light in the darkness.

Kindle such light to show you a new way. Above all, you need confidence and trust in your own abilities to step out of the darkness step by step and realize that the solution was partly right in front of your eyes.

Clarity always takes some time before it reveals all facets of truth or a solution, so good stamina is essential to get to the bottom of things.

The Moon in a love Tarot context spurs you as a single to be courageous and to plunge into the unknown. Especially as a single, you have the chance to meet many different people and accordingly make relationship experiences that enrich your life.

But only if you are brave and dare to let someone new into your life, to share your trust with him and to explore your counterpart. You will collect incredibly beautiful moments and experiences that will accompany you for a lifetime.

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