PA Judgment

General Meaning
The Judgment Tarot card indicates that you are on the verge of an important spiritual breakthrough or awakening in your life.

Especially if you have been searching for a new meaning to your current phase of life for a long time, an answer will soon reveal itself to you that is often closer than you realize.

The process of awakening and realizing an answer to important life questions often comes abruptly when we are busy with completely different things in our daily lives.

When your mind is free and open, you can allow new spiritual experiences. You awaken, so to speak, from a dream that represents our old self and rise as a new person.

In a love Tarot reading, the Judgment card reveals that an important decision regarding your single life is coming up. Such decisions usually have a long-term consequence, for example, whether you want to move in with a new love already or you want to reveal your love feelings to a close person.

Weigh your decision carefully and try to listen to your inner voice and trust it. Keep in mind that there are often no clear right or wrong choices. Use every decision to learn from it.

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