PA High Priestess

General Meaning
The High Priestess also indicates a certain degree of passivity. That means to withdraw from the active world a while and go into yourself.

What thoughts and feelings are present in me right now?

Where do they come from?

It is helpful to meditate or do yoga exercises regularly to open your mind to spiritual experiences.

This kind of self-awareness enables you to look behind the mundane facade of your everyday life and get more in touch with your subconscious. Let your inner voice guide you to new insights.

In a love Tarot context, the High Priestess symbolizes the reflection of previously unfulfilled desires in your love life. As a single, this means for you that you should first clarify for yourself what you expect from your next partnership before you get involved in a new relationship.

The key to a well-functioning relationship is that both you and your partner can freely develop their needs and desires without harming the other.

Stay in a passive attitude and clarify your inner needs in matters of love first. When you are clear about it, you should go again dating.

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