PA Hierophant

General Meaning
The Hierophant reveals that a path to spiritual and religious growth requires the help of a teacher at the very beginning.

You can learn a lot from your teacher, by trusting in his deep insights and wisdom. He will also bring you to your own insights faster than if you search for spiritual wisdom only for yourself.

You can meet such a teacher on many occasions, not only in religious or esoteric communities. A teacher can also be a good friend, your own partner, or even children.

The Hierophant in a love tarot context indicates a great need for conformity. In your partner search, you want to finally find your so-called “soulmate”, someone very similar to you in terms of your beliefs and values.

It is best to look around in your own religious or spiritual communities to find such a partner. There are plenty of people there who have similar strong spiritual values as yourself, so you already have a deep level of understanding of each other that connects you.

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