PA Hanged Man

General Meaning
The Hanged Man Tarot card encourages us to change our perspective to look at things in a new way. Often we approach challenges or problems with old strategies of thought and action, as these have led to success in the past.

However, the world and the challenges that come with it are not rigid but in a constant state of change. Therefore, if you are currently stuck in a problem, try to write down all the possible ideas you can think of for the solution.

Such brainstorming works best if you are not afraid to include many initially irrational or “silly” ideas. That is the only way to open up new perspectives and generate a solution from them.

In a love context, The Hanged Man shows that you have to learn to let go of short love affairs. If you have been single for a long time, you may be still clinging to ex-partners and are preventing yourself from getting to know someone new.

The new partner in your mind should be just like the previous one. Leave such old connections and longings behind and be curious how a new relationship can surprise you.

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