NA World

General Meaning
The World Tarot card reveals that important projects take more time than expected. Such a delay can be caused on the one hand by external factors over which we have little influence, like an illness.

However, inner attitudes and thoughts can also affect our plans to a considerable extent. Like if you are too perfectionistic or, on the other hand, not very willing to make an effort.

Try to remember from which motivation you started your project. Then you can at least work on the inner attitudes that hinder you and reduce them.

The World reveals as a single that you have become too isolated. That will make it difficult for you to meet other people and spark new cycles of love.

Get out there and walk the paths of love by first trying to make new friends. Over time, opportunities to get to know a new love will arise from these contacts as if by magic.

Within yourself lies the power to break out of the vicious circle of loneliness and isolation. Instead, enter the cycle of community and love.

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