NA Tower

General Meaning
Another aspect of The Tower is a phase of destruction and extinction. That refers to the dissolution of mental constructs as well as relationships.

Humans are creatures of habit and hold very strongly to their belief and thought systems. Only serious strokes of fate or events can shake these systems.

Such a shock can cause us to question our previous values and set new priorities in our lives. Old thinking is destroyed and replaced by new thoughts. Thar recurring cycle holds great potential in terms of our spiritual development.

The Tower in a love tarot context reveals a great fear of rejection from other people. Especially if you are single, the Tower card may indicate that you prefer to stay within the walls of your solitude because you fear the world outside and its reactions to you.

Remember that while loneliness protects you from rejection, it denies you the experience of security and love.

Therefore, leave your tower of loneliness, at first only for a few steps, and learn to trust other persons again. With time you will become more and more courageous and find a new love in your life.

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