NA Sun

General Meaning
The Sun conveys a strong sense of powerlessness and tiredness. At the moment, you find it very difficult to focus on your daily life, as you have little strength and drive.

The daily demands consume more energy than you can replenish with your own strength. First of all, work on your inner attitudes and think about which things have priority in your life right now and which aspects have to wait.

Divide your energy accordingly and focus only on the really important and currently pending projects. Try to integrate more time for yourself in your everyday life, where you can recharge your batteries, like through sports or meditation.

n a love Tarot context, The Sun reveals that your love life is quite fallow right now. You have little energy and strength to get involved in a new relationship and radiate fatigue, whereby other people tend to avoid you.

When we feel down and out, it is best to take a break in love matters and regain our strength. However, since love is a basic human need, you should nurture existing relationships with family and friends so that they can give you new strength.

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