NA Strength

General Meaning
The Strength Tarot card shows that we have to struggle with many defeats in our lives. Often, strokes of fate do not come alone but unleash a whole series of stressful events. We get the feeling of powerlessness and helplessness.

Therefore, always consider such difficult life events in terms of the valuable experiences that are associated with them. Spiritual and mental growth only arise when we face and master the challenges of life.

Therefore, supposed setbacks are a good opportunity to teach from the past for the future. Life is our best teacher!

The Strength shows a phase of powerlessness and stagnation as a single. All attempts to find a suitable partner in the past may have been unsuccessful.

The invested strength to find a new partner or enter into a new relationship takes its toll and tugs at your energies. Do not try to force yourself into a relationship. Instead, take a break from them and learn to love yourself again.

That will allow you to recharge your batteries and strengthen you for your next attempts at love.

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