NA Moon

General Meaning
The Moon Tarot card indicates a period of anxiety and uncertainty. Great plans and projects you have begun are fraught with unexpected difficulties and threaten to fail.

The fear of failing or not being enough prevents you from counteracting adequately. Get clear about your fears and involve other people in your difficulties by asking them for help.

Together you will be able to bring light into the darkness and thus dispel the fear of uncertainty and failure. Be brave and dare to face your fears, so they lose much of their terror.

In a love Tarot reading, The Moon reveals a great fear of a new relationship. As a single, you have already found your way to live alone and arrange your daily routine freely.

You don’t want to be alone anymore, but the idea of having a new partner who will mess up your life alone scares you.

But keep in mind that the fear of the unknown also denies you the many beautiful and pleasurable moments of a new partnership and ultimately condemns you to loneliness.

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