NA Justice

General Meaning
The Justice symbolizes great injustice in our lives. We may be accused of a reprehensible act that we never committed, or the facts may be distorted so that we are suddenly pilloried.

In either case, you should summon the courage to bring the truth to light. That inevitably means coming into conflict with your accusers, so be well prepared and try to be as objective as possible and let your inner voice guide you in the confrontation.

From experienced injustice, we can learn a lot about how it feels to have been unjustly accused. That enables us to question our own judgments of other persons more critically, as we are well aware of the feeling of helplessness that comes with being falsely accused.

In a love tarot reading, The Justice reveals that you judge people too one-sidedly. Especially as a single, you may have too high demands on a new potential partner and look mainly at external features, such as body size or attractiveness.

This one-sided view of potential partners prevents you from getting to know and appreciate their inner values sufficiently. Thus, on the one hand, you reject potential partners who would have fit very well with you.

On the other hand, you enter love affairs with partners, at whose end the separation stands since you do not fit together from the internal values.

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