NA Judgment

General Meaning
The Judgment card reveals a high level of criticism towards you. A lot of negative feedback is given to you from the outside regarding your behavior, which can be very stressful and exhausting.

Pay attention to who criticizes you and why. Many people only want to signal that you are walking on the wrong path. They encourage you through their feedback to get back on your right way.

Self-criticism as a form of internal feedback helps you to develop yourself and learn from your mistakes. It is important that criticism from the outside and the inside is always appreciative and not degrading. That way, its core to help you on your way through life is not lost.

The Judgment reveals a high degree of ignorance regarding your efforts to find a partner. You may have too rigid ideas of True Love in your mind, which prevent you from meeting various other people who do not fall into your narrow love scheme.

If you go through life in such an ignorant way, you will miss out on many happy and enriching moments in your life. Give a certain amount of respect and attention to everyone who seems to be interested in you.

Then you will always have many nice people around you. It doesn’t have to be a partnership, but it could at least be a great acquaintance.

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