NA Hierophant

General Meaning
The Hierophant stands for a certain rebelliousness about too rigid rules and structures. Always question dogmas and see how people react to corresponding questions.

You can also encourage other members to ask themselves questions and not accept all rules just because they come from spiritual or religious leaders.

Only because of high titles no human being has reached profound insights, but only through constant questioning of belief structures and spiritual “laws”.

The Hierophant a sign of withdrawal and loneliness. In a love Tarot reading, this means that you are currently in a phase of life in which you should rather clarify for yourself what you expect from love or a relationship at all.

Respect your inner voice that advises you to spend some time alone and enjoy the advantages of being single, such as being unattached and having the freedom to do things on your own.

Such time off will give you a better sense of what you want from a relationship.

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