NA Hermit

General Meaning
The Hermit Tarot card stands for turning away from the world. Escaping into another inner world can certainly be very beneficial for a while, especially if it allows us to forget our problems somewhat.

But if we do not manage to return to our physical world, we leave the path of insight and get more and more caught up in our illusions.

Deep spiritual insights are only possible in connection with the physical and spiritual world. Living in only one of these two worlds will not bring the fulfilling answers to the questions that we long for.

In a love tarot context, the card of The Hermit indicates a great need for time alone. As a single person, this means to take distance from a hasty relationship. Instead, focus on your questions and their answers regarding your life.

You can venture into a new relationship when you have found the answers to your questions. As with The Hermit, the path of love is often rocky and sometimes arduous, but it teaches you inner perseverance and endurance.

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