NA Hanged Man

General Meaning
The Hanged Man Reversed reveals a great resistance that hinders your progress. Such a blockage can occur in your professional and private life and force you to take a break.

If you try to remove the resistance, by all means, there is a danger that you will sacrifice too much strength and energy to it and eventually break.

See the corresponding blockade as a sign of the universe that you take the time and reflect again exactly about your intention. Maybe you have to redefine your goal completely or recognize completely new ways to reach it.

As a single, The Hanged Man Tarot card reveals that you are currently going through a difficult crisis regarding finding a partner. Such a crisis may have its origin in a high level of self-doubt.

Perhaps you have experienced a lot of rejection lately, which has caused your self-worth to suffer. Think about the moments in your life when you met nice people who later became your friends.

This way, you will discover that other people like you and that you can build a relationship with other people.

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