NA Fool

General Meaning
The Fool Tarot card warns you not to take unnecessary risks. He is already upside down and in free fall. Only one foot is still connected to the earth.

It is the same with your own situation. One careless step and the opportunity presented will turn out to be a misstep that can make you fall deep. The Fool Tarot card also contains the urge to be impulsive.

To follow one’s first intuition without much thought often brings the danger of getting hopelessly lost.

Avoid these dead ends by stopping for a moment and becoming aware of which path you need to choose for your purpose.

The Fool urges caution in your love relationships. If you are just looking for a new partnership, you should not immediately take the first person who crosses your path.

The Tarot card also warns against too much naivety in choosing a partner. The Fool closes his eyes to the abyss and the associated danger.

Be vigilant in your choice of partner and take your time at the moment before entering into a closer relationship. New opportunities will still arise for you.

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