NA Empress

General Meaning
The Empress is a sign of dependence in your life. This dependence can be related to material things. Of course, it is nice to own a new car and enjoy this luxury.

But if your precious time is only used to buy or maintain expensive luxuries, you miss out on the important things that money can’t buy, like friendship or love.

Dependence can also exist on a special person or work. Become aware of such dependencies and try to take your life into your own hands again and go your way independently.

When you are single, The Empress indicates that your efforts at finding a new partner are having a little effect right now.

You may have a mental block that prevents you from relating emotionally to someone else. As a result, your behavior often seems cold and dismissive, both characteristics that are not exactly conducive to dating.

First of all, try to dissolve your mental blocks and postpone the search for love for a while.

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