NA Emperor

General Meaning
The Emperor can also indicate a high degree of dominance and authority. Sometimes one’s behavior seems unrestrained, as one considers oneself infallible in one’s actions and, in extreme cases, develops fantasies of omnipotence.

Admittedly, people follow you and no one doubts your decisions or leadership role. However, this obedience comes at a high price, as it consistently places the needs and desires of your followers below your own.

That only creates pseudo loyalty. In case of emergency, your follower will not support you and let you down. Involve your environment more in your decisions and let their ideas flow in, thus you achieve a high degree of respect and loyalty.

The Emperor signals that your efforts to find a new partner will not bear fruit because of your too dominant appearance. If you try too hard to impose your will on other people, you will rather reap dislike and stay alone.

Put your own wishes aside for the time being and try to get involved with the other person. What does your potential partner think and feel? What are his wishes and dreams? Active listening will open a way for a new relationship.

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