NA Devil

General Meaning
The Devil shows that you are caught up in superstition. Superstition means to deliberately close your eyes to the truth and look for magical causes for phenomena or problems.

Thus you slave yourself to your illusions and get further and further away from the path of knowledge. However, the good thing about superstition is that these are only thoughts. You can determine whether you want to continue to follow these illusions or not.

For this, you must first see through the superstitions that have a negative influence on your life and then face the actual truth.

The Devil shows you as a single that you are too much into wishful thinking and superstition. You take refuge in a fantasy world and hope to win your dream partner by magic rituals alone.

However, your own person with all its facets plays a decisive role when you search for your dream partner because no ritual in the world can turn you into a princess or a prince. You have everything you need to be lovable to another person.

Go out in the world and show yourself and you will be rewarded with many great encounters, maybe even with True Love.

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