NA Death

General Meaning
The Death Tarot card represents a final loss. Accepting that everything that surrounds us does not last forever is one of the most difficult lessons in our lives.

Friendships or jobs that we thought were secure can disappear overnight, often leaving us with a deep feeling of emptiness. We take many things in our lives for granted and forget how easily our destiny can change.

But by acknowledging that loss and extinction are a part of our existence, you can appreciate more how valuable your surrounding relationships and your life are.

The Death Tarot card reveals, as a single, that you are afraid of a new relationship. Because of this fear, you do not dare to get closer to other people and allow feelings.

As a result, your love life will freeze and feelings of loneliness and self-doubt will increase. Do not let your fear become the master of your life. Instead, face it and try to find out where your fear of closeness comes from.

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