NA Chariot

General Meaning
The Chariot Reversed Tarot card means aimlessness in life. You are just standing on the spot and do not know where to go. Although the gates to new paths and knowledge are open to you, you can’t go through them and leave your old ego behind.

Check exactly what is holding you back and binding you. When you recognize the cause, you can free yourself from such chains and set out on new paths.

Just have the courage to dare the first step out. At the end of your journey, you will be happy and grateful to have left your old self and found your new one.

The Chariot Tarot card reveals a certain aimlessness if you are single. You don’t know what your future relationship should look like or if you are even ready for a partnership.

Define a goal for yourself about the design of your future love life to get clarity for yourself. Your indecisiveness will only result in a new but short-lived relationship because you are not wholeheartedly committed to it.

Having the courage to go through a phase of being alone often gives new impulses and helps you to better engage in a new love affair.

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