01 Love Temperance


In a love tarot reading, Temperance reveals a time of harmony in your love life. As a single, you will now be able to go looking for a partner in an upbeat way and at peace with yourself.

Your positive and balanced charisma will make it easy for you to meet new people and maybe even your true love.

At the same time, Temperance reminds you to stay away from too much excess or extreme characters. Rather look for people with whom you feel deeply connected and harmonize in many areas.

You don’t need to have the same views in all areas. It’s more about balancing and complementing each other positively in your nature and attitudes.

Use the coming time to make many new experiences in love and feel how beneficial they are for your physical and mental well-being.


In a relationship, the Tarot card of Temperance shows that the partnership is currently in a very harmonious phase. Both partners complement each other in their characteristics and thus contribute to a well-balanced relationship.

Through this balance, you and your partner gain a lot of strength and energy necessary to stay on our path in life and overcome obstacles.

Temperance encourages you to stick to your common goals and plans for the future and not to let other distractions or excesses divert you from your path.

As long as your partnership is focused on harmony and peace, you will feel the positive effects of your partnership in all areas of your life.

Major conflicts in your partnership will be peacefully resolved as you both strive for harmony and thus settle a dispute in a solution-oriented and objective manner.

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