01 Love Death


As a single, the card of Death reveals that a new phase in your love life is beginning. Leave behind your sadness about a past relationship and open your heart to someone new.

Only when you can look forward and let go of the past you can renew your inner self. Such renewal will help you to find a partner who will give you new perspectives and experiences in love.

The Death means that an end is coming or has come in your love life. This refers to feelings that you felt for someone or a person for you.

Such a break in feelings is completely natural in love and saves you from entering into a cool relationship that is only a partnership of convenience.


In a partnership, The Death Tarot card indicates that an important phase in your relationship is coming to an end. In a larger sense, it can mean that your feelings for each other have gone out and thus the relationship is about to end.

In a narrower sense, it means that the first phase of infatuation has ended and it shows to what extent the partnership has endured in everyday life.

Another aspect of The Death is the transition to a new phase of the relationship.

Especially if something changes fundamentally in your everyday life, for example after marriage, the birth of a child or moving in together, your relationship life is completely turned upside down from one day to the next.

Your initial carefree love now gives way to a phase in which you both have to take on the responsibility to master the challenges that lie ahead of you together.

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