01 Love Hanged Man


In a love context, The Hanged Man shows you that you have to learn to let go of short love affairs. If you have been single for a long time, it is possible that you are still clinging to ex-partners and are preventing yourself from getting to know someone new.

The new partner in your mind should be just like the previous one. Leave such old connections and longings behind and be curious how a new relationship can surprise you.

The Hanged Man Tarot card can also be a sign for you to take a break in your partner search. Do not try to force or accelerate love. Instead, go into yourself, use the time out and gather new strength and energy for your next relationship.


In a relationship, The Hanged Man Tarot card reminds us to look at our partnership from a new perspective. Especially if you have the feeling that the relationship is stagnating, try to discover new sides of yourself or your partner and live them out.

Qualities in your partner that bother you can be very useful for you as a couple, depending on the situation. We should not try to completely delete all the attributes that bother us in our partner.

Instead, learn to love and appreciate the small and larger quirks. The Hanged Man is also a sign that the partnership would benefit from a break from each other.

In a narrower sense, a break means more time for oneself, e.g. by dating friends or practicing a hobby without your partner. In a broader sense, it can mean a break from your relationship, giving both of you the opportunity to reflect on the partnership in peace.

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