01 Love Wheel of Fortune


As a single person, the Wheel of Fortune card reveals to you a moment of change in your love life. New chances to meet someone are imminent, but you must actively use them for yourself so that you can find a new partner.

Be mindful in which areas of your life suddenly changes occur, for example in your job or in your circle of friends. Often we miss our opportunities to meet someone due to carelessness or too much distraction.

The Wheel of Fortune encourages the inquirer to trust more in their destiny. This means not to wait passively for True Love to happen but instead to use the presented opportunities in your everyday life.

Trust that your destiny will reveal to you a multitude of opportunities to discover a new love and try to seize these chances with all your heart.

Another meaning of The Wheel of Fortune is the effect of chance on your love life. Deep friendships and love relationships are often created by coincidences that we have experienced in our daily lives.

However, you will only encounter such coincidences if you actively participate in life and move through the world with an open mind and spirit.


In a relationship, The Wheel of Fortune means that your partnership will take a new turn. Such a change can be of a positive nature, such as the birth of a child or marriage, or of a negative nature, such as infidelity or separation.

You will intuitively feel during the card reading in which direction your relationship will go. The change is not yet complete, so you and your partner still have the chance to counteract it.

The Wheel of Fortune can also mean that your relationship has already successfully gone through numerous ups and downs and you have created your own common destiny.

Such a common destiny binds you very closely together and allows you to successfully overcome the numerous challenges in life together.

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