01 Love Hermit


In a love tarot context, the card of The Hermit indicates a great need for time alone. As a single person, this means to first take distance from a hasty relationship and instead focus on your questions and their answers.

Only when you are at peace with yourself you can venture into a new relationship. As with The Hermit, the path of love is often rocky and sometimes arduous, but it teaches us inner perseverance and endurance.

Every love life has phases where we are in a relationship and where we are just for ourselves. Jumping from relationship to relationship prevents us from calmly reflecting on the ups and downs of our previous partnerships.

In this kind of contemplation, valuable insights often reveal themselves to us, which can help us a lot for our next relationships.


In a relationship, the card of The Hermit encourages us to further search for facets of love. Go on a journey together to discover new aspects of your love life and keep your partnership intact and fresh.

As soon as there is nothing new to discover in a relationship, it falls asleep and loses all its charms. But if you remain curious to discover something new in your partner or yourself, your relationship will be rich in passion and satisfaction.

In a phase of stagnation, The Hermit encourages us to seek advice from a teacher to live a fulfilled relationship again. Such a teacher does not necessarily have to be a person.

Books, videos, or blogs can also be used to gain further experience in sexual and relationship life. The Hermit can also be an expression that one part of the partnership needs some space at the moment.

This desire for space is quite natural and should be respected in any case, because every person needs phases of being alone.

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