01 Love Chariot


If you draw The Chariot Tarot card as a single, your search for a partner will soon be crowned with success.

Through your efforts in the past to lead your life self-determined as well as your courage to continue to believe in love, you will radiate a high degree of self-confidence and accordingly attractiveness to other people.

The Chariot encourages us to approach potential partners courageously and to reveal our feelings. Now is not the time for procrastination or hesitation.

Be courageous in your love affairs and reveal yourself to your crush. You have nothing to lose, but to win a lot, be it a new relationship or experience.

The Chariot invites you to devotion, which means that on a date, for example, you are completely involved with your partner and not distracted by other things.


In a relationship, the Tarot card of The Chariot shows that you both have a very deep and fulfilling relationship. Sure, you have gone through some ups and downs in your partnership.

Through your shared strength and love for each other, you have stayed on the path of love and will not be easily swayed from your way in the future.

The devotion you show for each other creates mutual trust and is an important pillar for longevity in your relationship. Devotion in a partnership means being able to put your own needs aside for your partner and invest time in your relationship.

The Chariot encourages you to make decisions together about your life together. Going it alone on important issues that affect both of you, such as moving or family planning, can only be done in dependence on your partner.

Dare to talk to each other and argue if necessary. The important thing is that you decide on a common path.

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