01 Love Lovers


The Lovers card is one of the most important Tarot cards in a Love Tarot context. As a single, it means that you can soon find your True Love who will accompany you on your further path in life.

Be open and without reservations, like the man and the woman in the picture of The Lovers, and the path to your True Love will soon reveal itself.

Above all, try to be true to yourself and not bend your inner values for someone else just to get their attention. Finding True Love does not mean that both partners agree on all life issues.

Rather, they complement each other in different values and attitudes, like a key that fits a certain lock. It is important that you can reveal yourself to your love without shame and shyness and that he or she treats you with appreciation.


In a relationship, The Lovers card means that you have found your True Love. You are soul mates who have no secrets from each other and know your counterpart in and out.

By knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your partner, you can master even the most difficult situations in life together and grow from them.

Your relationship is characterized by the deepest, mutual trust and appreciation for each other. With that trust, you experience a very profound and harmonious partnership, which gives you both a deep inner fulfillment and meaning in life.

Another meaning in a relationship is faithfulness to each other, which is also symbolized by The Lovers. Finding someone who will accompany you through ups and downs and stand by you is a true rarity and a precious treasure that you should guard.

Another meaning can be that you can create a harmonious relationship between two people. This can be on the one hand a completely new relationship or on the other hand a reconciliation of two conflicting parties.

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