01 Love Hierophant


The Hierophant in a love tarot context indicates a great need for conformity. In your partner search, you want to finally find your so-called “soulmate,” someone who is very similar to you in terms of your beliefs and values.

To find such a partner, it is best to look around in your own religious or spiritual communities. There are plenty of people there who have similar strong spiritual values as yourself, so you already have a deep level of understanding of each other that connects you.

The Hierophant is always striving to expand his knowledge, take him as an example and expand your knowledge in the area of love. Look in which areas of your love or flirt life you have deficits and expand your knowledge through books, videos, or discussions with good friends.


In a relationship, The Hierophant reveals to us how we can connect even closer to our partner, through the creation of shared rituals and traditions.

Many important life events recur at regular intervals, such as birthdays, Christmas, or family celebrations. They allow us to grow together again as a unit through joint planning and participation.

Take time to talk about your shared traditions and most importantly participate in them together. Embark on a journey together to learn more about yourselves and your love for each other and to expand your knowledge of your relationship and feelings.

To do this, you can take time out from your daily routine and go on a romantic journey for two or set aside a fixed time in your daily routine.

The Hierophant shows how important rules and structures are to you in your relationship. However, these only work if you set them up together with your partner and you both orient yourselves to them.

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