01 Love Emperor


As a single, the Tarot card of The Emperor encourages you to be active in your search for a partner and to express your masculine parts (both sexes have feminine as well as masculine personality parts).

Characteristics that help you find a new relationship are steadfastness, presence and caring. Steadfastness means that you have a solid base of values and are grounded in life, so you radiate a lot of security, which is very attractive to other people.

Presence means that you radiate sovereignty with what you say and your posture and are quickly the center of attention. Many people will look up to you and want to be friends with you.

Show your potential partners that you can provide for them materially and emotionally by taking care of your environment and being a contact person for various problems.


In a relationship, The Emperor shows you how important structures and common rules are in a relationship.

This is not about the classic distribution of roles of husband and wife, but rather that each partner has fixed tasks and thus the burden of everyday life is equally distributed on both shoulders.

The design of the structures and rules arises from the joint dialogue with your partner and together you decide how your partnership should look like.

Set common goals for the future and work together to make them come true. Such joint projects strengthen your cohesion and will bring you even closer together as a couple.

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