01 Love Empress


When you are single the Tarot card of The Empress shows you that you can dare to present yourself more outwardly when looking for a partner.

Try out new outfits or cosmetics and feel with all your senses what reactions this change triggers in you and those around you. The Empress shows you that now is a good time for choosing a partner, with high chances of success for your search for True Love.

Learn to trust your senses again in matters of love, they will give you signals if someone is the right one for you. Don’t just rely on your eyes.

Use also your ears, your sense of smell and your sense of touch. If there is a great fit between you and your flirting partner, your senses will harmonize very strongly.


If you are in a relationship, The Empress reveals to you that you should enrich your love life further. Spend more time together and use it to get even closer.

The more vital and fulfilled a partnership is, the more happiness and joy it will give to the lovers. Try to rediscover your relationship with all your senses.

Good possibilities are e.g. massages, restaurant visits or common cinema evenings. The Tarot card of the Empress means that you will experience your love even more in harmony with Mother Nature.

Joint outdoor activities, such as hiking or climbing, not only strengthen the feeling of togetherness but also bring you very close to nature.

The experiences and energies gained in this way will have a positive effect on your love life.

Furthermore, the card of The Empress indicates a great need for care. This need can be for yourself as well as for your partner.

Talk about where you would like to see more care from each other and make plans to integrate these wishes more into your everyday life.

Another message from The Empress can be an upcoming pregnancy or birth of a child. If you as a couple have a desire to have a child, now is the right time to try and get pregnant.

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