01 Love High Priestess


In a love Tarot context, the High Priestess symbolizes the reflection of previously unfulfilled desires in your love life. As a single person, this means for you that you should first clarify for yourself what you expect from your next partnership before you get involved in a new relationship.

The key to a well-functioning relationship is that both you and your partner can freely develop their needs and desires without harming the other.

Stay in a passive attitude and clarify your inner needs in matters of love first. When you are clear about it, you should go again specifically on the search for a partner.

Furthermore, the Tarot card of the High Priestess points to trusting your intuition more in the search for a partner. At the first meeting with a potential partner, we have already a certain inner feeling about whether it is the right one.

Unfortunately, we too often ignore this feeling, whereby we then enter into relationships that are only very short-lived.


In a relationship, The High Priestess reveals that the partnership should be revived more from within. Often one’s own needs are insufficiently addressed in a relationship, which leads to resignation and frustration in love life.

If you and your partner talk openly about your inner desires, they can greatly enrich your love. Learn together to listen to your inner voice again and dare to let your dreams come true.

The High Priestess can be a sign that both partners should devote more time to their feelings for each other, which unfortunately do not find room in everyday life.

Try to create free spaces in which you can again fully reflect on your common dreams and desires.

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