01 Love World


In a love Tarot reading for singles, the World card finally reveals a breakthrough in your search for love. You have been through some ups and downs in your single life so far, but soon a new relationship will reveal itself at the end of your path.

This person can be a good friend for years with whom you have developed strong feelings and who reciprocates these emotions in different ways. Take the final step and reveal yourself to your love.

You will simultaneously take the first step into a new and enriching relationship. The World Tarot card reveals that you have a great longing to become a member of a greater emotional unity again.

Such unity is most likely to be achieved by entering into a partnership in which mutual appreciation and emotional affection allow you to experience True Love.

The World encourages you to hold on to your dream of a fulfilling partnership and to go in search of a soul mate to satisfy your longing for shared love and intimacy.


In a relationship, the World card reveals that you have succeeded in complementing each other’s qualities and appearing as one.

Instead of wanting to change the other partner or to adapt to your own needs, you respect each other as individuals with all your rough edges.

This makes it possible to integrate even unpleasantly perceived qualities of the partner into the relationship and to value them as part of the partnership. The World Tarot card reveals that both partners have reached a level of love that only a few couples reach.

In good and bad times, you have walked together through all the valleys and mountains, always supporting each other along the way. New challenges still await you, but you can face them calmly because you form a unit as a team and can draw on your immense wealth of experience from past “journeys”.

The World symbolizes that a long-planned project in your relationship will soon bear fruits. Through your perseverance and cooperation, you can soon enjoy your results.

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