01 Love Tower


In a love Tarot context, The Tower Tarot card signals an awakening from a dream, so to speak. As a single, we sometimes have blinders on our eyes and hang behind a love affair that has no prospect of a deeper relationship.

Through good friends or incisive events, we wake up from our dream world and realize that our adored partner in the real world feels nothing for us and loves only him-/herself.

The Tower can also point to emotional chaos in us. The trigger of this chaos can be an unexpected rejection or intense feelings towards someone that suddenly overtake us.

Such a confusion of emotions is quite natural and shows that you are a very sensitive person and react strongly to your environment.

Take some time for yourself and first distance yourself from the person in question so that you can sort out your feelings again. Then you can better listen to your inner voice and decide what to do.


In a partnership, the Tower card reveals that a big change is about to happen. Relationships are constantly experiencing influences that affect them in both positive and negative ways.

By facing the next challenge together, such as birth, marriage, or moving in together, you will grow stronger as a team. Be aware that any change will require an adjustment effort from both partners, as too much rigidity risks breaking the relationship.

The Tower can also be a signal that the relationship is very chaotic and in danger of breaking up. If you have recognized where the chaos comes from, you can try to restore order.

However, this can only be done together with your partner. Depending on how he reacts to your attempt to create order, you will have certainty about the basis of your relationship.

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