01 Love Star


The appearance of The Star in a Love Tarot reading encourages you as a single to hope. Especially if you have a long time of waiting or loneliness behind you, opportunities in matters of love will soon arise for you.

You must continue to believe in yourself and keep up the hope of meeting someone for life. This confidence will help you to recognize new chances in love and to use them accordingly.

Another aspect of The Star in a love context is the occurrence of fortunate circumstances. Often we do not even notice how much luck we have right now, whether it is that a sorrowful relationship has finally ended or that we have opened up new circles of friends.

The more you focus on the positive sides of your life circumstances, the more the universe will reveal to you new moments of happiness in love. It is like a positive cycle at the end of which a wonderful partnership can result.


In a relationship, the star reveals a high level of mutual trust. Both partners have a firm and common foundation of beliefs, regarding their views and values.

This puts the partnership on a very solid basis which is resistant to external influences. Another aspect of such a relationship is the belief of both partners in true love, whereby the partnership reaches a deep emotional level.

The Star Tarot card also shows that the relationship is currently in a very happy phase, which makes it possible to realize joint projects excellently.

Especially in phases of great happiness, it is worth consolidating and intensifying the partnership by spending and enjoying a lot of time together. This strengthens the feelings towards each other and further consolidates the foundation of love.

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