01 Love Moon


In a love Tarot reading, The Moon reveals a great fear of a new relationship. As a single, you have already found your way to live alone and to arrange your daily routine freely.

You don’t want to be alone anymore, but the idea of having a new partner who will mess up your life alone scares you.

But keep in mind that the fear of the unknown also denies you the many beautiful and pleasurable moments of a new partnership and ultimately condemns you to loneliness.

Often it can be helpful to imagine what a new love will give you instead of what it will take away. Through this imagination, which you keep inside yourself, you can freely meet new people and feel quite quickly whether you have an inner connection or not.

However, don’t be led into illusions about your choice of partner by creating a perfect but unattainable ideal in your mind. Rely on your intuition when you are with someone new and feel the harmony between the two of you.


In a relationship, the Moon Tarot card reveals that you have illusions about your partner. On the one hand, you may idealize your partner too much and protect him/her against everything and everyone, although this is not justified.

On the other hand, you may want to change your partner to fit an ideal image you have in your head. In both cases, you should try to get an honest and real picture of your relationship, e.g. through hints from outsiders or through good self-reflection.

Fear about the future of your own partnership is also an aspect of the Moon Tarot card. Especially after a serious quarrel or a longer period of emotional cooling down of both partners, the fear regarding the common future is great.

But before such fear takes over and determines your everyday life, you should courageously go ahead and talk honestly with your partner about your fears, so that both of you can find a way out of this crisis.

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