01 Love Magician


If you are currently single and long for a partnership, the Tarot card of the Magician signals you to get active. Make the decision not to be alone anymore and let your thoughts follow your deeds.

Everything you need is already within you. All necessary tools are spread out in front of you. You only have to reach for them and new possibilities in love will open up for you and you will notice how your dreams will soon become reality.

Take the concentration and willpower of The Magician as an example and don’t lose sight of your goal to enter into a new partnership. Maybe the next opportunity is already waiting for you at work, at your hobby or on your way to the grocery store?

You must be also prepared and do not let yourself be distracted by unnecessary things in everyday life. Be mindful and do not miss the opportunity to flirt.


In an existing partnership, the card of The Magician encourages you to finally live out engaging ideas for your relationship. Maybe you have wanted to spend a romantic vacation with your partner for a long time.

The pitfalls of everyday life have prevented this so far. The Magician shows that now is the time to realize such wishes for togetherness.

Plan with your partner how your new togetherness should look like. Often the everyday life demands a lot from us and we feel very powerless, but through a time-out for us as well as for our partner, new energies are released.

Take the time for yourselves and feel the almost endless fresh energy, which is also inherent in The Magician.

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