01 Love Fool


In a love Tarot context The Fool indicates new ways and opportunities in love. If you are single, now is your chance to make a new acquaintance.

Your own activity is required, just like the Fool you must now go out into the world to find your new love. Sitting at home and waiting will lead to nothing.

Embark on the journey and meet new people. Approach new relationships with an open mind and without prejudice and you will see how this opens up new paths in love for you.

Is True Love waiting for you? You will only find out if you are willing to walk different paths and dare new relationships.

If you have only tried to get to know someone online, you should use new opportunities and take them to increase your chances of a partnership. You have nothing to lose but only to gain, take the first step now and it will be worth it for you.


If you are already in a relationship it is time for new experiences in love. Maybe your relationship is in a phase of stagnation. Now is a good opportunity to reflect on your partner again and to rediscover your relationship together.

The Fool encourages you to start a new journey together, for example, to take more conscious time for each other or to try something new in your sexuality.

Be free and unbiased and discuss your desires. Together you can then explore new paths in love. Another way of interpretation is to bring more spontaneity into an existing relationship.

Try to follow your inner voice and your feelings and just hug your partner “out of turn” or give him/her a little extra attention. Look at your relationship without prejudice and impartially and you will discover new exciting sides to it.

Take the childlike qualities of the Fool to heart and let past minor conflicts rest, focusing instead on the qualities that connect you.

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