01 Love Devil


In a love context, the card of The Devil reveals that you pay too much attention to appearances in your search for a partner. Especially status, wealth and attractiveness are selection criteria for you to meet a new partner.

But the exclusive focus on the material level will bring you only very empty and superficial relationships. Look behind the outer facade and search for the inner values of a person.

Only in this way, you will find a partner with whom you can live together long and contentedly. When The Devil appears in a love Tarot reading it stands for high willpower and sexual desire.

Through your willpower, it will be easy for you to get to know someone and win them over. Respect the needs and wishes of your partner so that you can have an enriching relationship together.

The increased sexual desire, which is expressed by The Devil, should be lived out respectfully. As a single, you should experiment with different love experiences to notice which practices you would like to live out in a partnership.


In a partnership, The Devil Tarot card symbolizes serious misconduct of a partner. Cheating on your partner with someone else is one of the most common sins in a relationship, along with financial or emotional exploitation.

The Devil leaves no doubt about how serious the situation is and you are required to quickly and consistently decide whether and if so how you still want to maintain this relationship.

Another aspect of The Devil card is the presence of pathological dependence in a partnership. Especially when one person sacrifices himself/herself emotionally and materially for the benefit of the other partner, this will inevitably lead to a very harmful imbalance.

If you find yourself in such a position of dependency, you must become more aware of your own needs and desires. Discuss this imbalance in the relationship with your partner and make clear demands regarding your own needs.

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