0 Daily Tower


Your day will be very chaotic. Your daily routines will be shaken up, but also new opportunities will arise.

Use the change to reorganize yourself. Create an even more stable foundation for the future out of the rubble.

Detailed Interpretation

The Tower Tarot card symbolizes profound transformations that we go through in life. Such changes are usually the result of unexpected twists of fate for which we cannot prepare, such as relationship breakups, accidents, job loss.

Our mental constructions, built up with great effort over the years, are completely destroyed by the stroke of fate, as in the case of the tower, and leave behind great chaos.

But only out of this chaos a new order can be created again, enabling us to accept our fate and not break because of it. We build a flexible thought framework on the remains of our old thought patterns, which can better cope with the next storm in life and do not oppose it.

Another aspect of The Tower Tarot card is the release from entrenched structures. Often we are trapped in very rigid patterns in everyday life, which on the one hand, give us security and, on the other hand, prevent us from getting out of them and thus hinder us in our spiritual development.

By tearing down the rigid walls around you or, like the two people on The Tower card, by leaping into the unknown, you free yourself from rigid restrictions and can discover the world anew.

The price of this freedom is that you leave behind the supposed security of your rigid patterns and are in free fall, so to speak. But out of this initial fear, new courage will arise to face new challenges and grow from them.

The Tower signals great chaos and confusion in your life. You lose our grip, as the order in our lives, believed to be safe and firm, will be deeply shaken. But chaos often means nothing more than change and is thus a natural process in our lives.

We always label change as chaotic when it goes against our ideas of how the world should work. By embracing chaos as a natural process of change, we can take these profound changes as a celestial sign helping us restructure our lives and making us more adaptable and resilient.

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