0 Daily Temperance


You need some balance to the stressful everyday life. Use today to do something for yourself and restore your inner harmony.

A walk in the fresh air or a meditation can help you get back into balance.

Detailed Interpretation

Temperance encourages you to strive for balance and equilibrium in life. Especially when you are very upset, sad or anxious, you need to regroup internally to continue on your path and everyday life.

On the other hand, too much revelry and debauchery can also lead you astray from your destiny path. Your negative, as well as positive feelings, should always be kept in balance with each other.

Only then can you meet the challenges of life with much strength and balance and are not immediately thrown off course. Finding balance, however, means that minor deviations in your life’s path are necessary and important to bring you back into balance.

The Temperance Tarot card sets you up for inner peace and harmony. Look at all the positive things you have already achieved in life and focus on your upcoming projects, which will give you satisfaction.

Unfortunately, we often tend to criticize ourselves and pay more attention to our failures than successes. As a result, we experience many inner tensions and conflicts that can only be resolved when we learn to love and appreciate ourselves again.

When I am at peace with myself, I can achieve inner peace and harmony, and as a result, this will also radiate to those around me.

Another aspect of The Temperance card concerns our physical and mental health. Body and mind are a unity. If one of them is not well, this has immediate effects on the other part.

Often you experience in everyday life that you feel out of balance and feel inner restlessness. A little later, physical complaints in the back or head spread, affecting your mental well-being.

To break out of this cycle, it is important, to bring our thoughts and feelings back into balance by actively exposing ourselves to phases of physical relaxation.

Because when your body relaxes, your mind also comes to rest. In the next step, you can figure out how to get back on your path in life.

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