0 Daily Sun


You feel like you could pull out trees! Your positive charisma brightens up your everyday life and fascinates the people around you.

Whatever you tackle today will be a success for you. Enjoy your inner warmth and simply enjoy life.

Detailed Interpretation

The Sun Tarot card represents boundless optimism and positivism. Especially if you have just had a difficult time, the Sun signals that positive change is imminent.

The rays of the sun illuminate the path ahead and give you the strength and drive to continue on your way of life through its warmth. Use this optimism to realize projects that have been put off for a long time.

Because through the sun even the most challenging projects will bear fruit and flourish. If you live out your positivism, you will find that it will also affect your environment.

You, like the Sun itself, will pass on your positive power and charisma to other people. That way, they, in turn, will experience much happiness.

Another aspect of the Sun card is its tremendous vitality. You feel full of energy and could pull out trees. Use this vitality and express yourself by doing sports or just enjoying your body.

Your life force will have a lasting and positive effect on your health. In case of an illness, you will now experience a substantial relief of your suffering, triggered by the life-affirming core of the Sun card.

As we all know, healing starts in our head by firmly believing in our self-healing powers and then transfers to our body.

The Sun gives you new insights which were previously hidden. Its rays illuminate insights that were in darkness. That often happens quite suddenly without you having expected it.

This experience can be very intense and overwhelming at the same time. Especially if you have been struggling with a problem for a long time or are stuck in a personal dead end, a solution or a path will suddenly reveal itself and bring you decisively further on your life path.

Such realizations are often connected with a warm, happy feeling, just as the sun does us well with its rays on a summer’s day.

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