0 Daily Strength


You feel like you could pull out trees. Today is a good day to tackle long-postponed and unpleasant tasks.

Do not be too hard on yourself in your efforts. Instead, practice mercy towards your mistakes.

Detailed Interpretation

The Strength Tarot card is a sign of great power and force. Here is meant especially the inner willpower, through which we can move mountains.

Although the woman on the card looks very dainty compared to the lion, she manages to conquer him just by her mental strength.

The Strength shows you which enormous and almost inexhaustible potentials and energies are slumbering in you, with which you can master even the biggest and seemingly insurmountable challenges in life.

The stronger your belief in your own abilities, the more powerfully you can use your energies to achieve your goals and desires.

Furthermore, The Strength Tarot card signals the great influence you have on your environment. That means that you can convince people of your ideas and concepts without coercion but with a lot of patience and finesse.

Instead of threats or intimidation, you try to convince people with the help of arguments. That will make other people feel connected to you positively by sharing your views and attitudes from the bottom of their hearts.

To influence somebody does not mean controlling other people or imposing your will on them. You rather convince and share your wisdom and values with them.

Mercy is another characteristic of The Strength Tarot card. To our environment, it means that we deal patiently and compassionately with the emotions we experience every day through other persons.

Maybe a close friend/relative is very sad or angry right now and doesn’t know how to deal with his feelings. Here The Strength admonishes us being support and help for the person by simply listening and bearing his emotions.

In this way, the negative feelings will be tamed and calm down by themselves. Concerning ourselves, The Strength shows us that we should be compassionate and forgiving of our own emotional life. Each of us knows emotions such as fear, sadness, anger and doubt.

These original emotions are a fundamental part of our existence. Therefore, do not banish them from your lives but learn to deal with them.

Through an appreciative and compassionate attitude towards yourself, you can see these negative emotions as helpers and opportunities, enabling you to gain control over them and not let them dominate you.

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