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Today it is about giving and receiving love. As soon as you start smiling at someone, you will get back many times more affection.

Use the day to enjoy the presence of your dearest people and share your happiness with them.

Detailed Interpretation

The Lovers tarot card shows our deepest emotional connections to those around us. Whether it’s your partner, a very good friend, or someone in your family, we as humans can connect deeply with a variety of people (some people even with animals), allowing us to develop freely.

Just like The Lovers, we don’t need to hide anything but can open up to the other person in a completely unbiased way.

That means that you can freely and openly reveal your innermost thoughts and feelings without fear of being laughed at or betrayed. On the contrary, you experience compassion and help from the person in question.

At the same time, you give the person the same unbiased openness concerning their problems, like through active listening or concrete assistance.

On a more personal level, The Lovers card embodies the creation of our inner values and beliefs. In contrast to the Hierophant, where a strict and predetermined moral model is given, The Lovers encourage you to create and live your own values.

Through the many life experiences you have already made, you are better and better able to decide for yourself which values help you on the path to spiritual maturity and which ideas are no longer necessary at the moment.

Especially in times when your moral values are questioned and you have to make an important decision for yourself, it is best to rely on your values.

The Lovers are also a symbol of great loyalty to other people and your own values and faith. Faithfulness means that despite numerous distractions or temptations in everyday life, we do not let ourselves be distracted but stand by our made promises or values.

The apple tree with the snake on the Lovers Tarot card symbolizes the temptations that directly surround us. The woman, for example, looks towards the sky and searches for a piece of advice to resist the temptation.

One possibility can be to discuss such temptations with a good friend or a spiritual teacher, to find together back on your path of knowledge.

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