0 Daily Justice


Today it is important to stay with the truth. Even if you make a mistake, take the responsibility for it and do not deny it.

Do not blame others, but learn from your misfortunes so that you can avoid them in the future.

Detailed Interpretation

The Justice Tarot card shows that you must take responsibility for your actions. If you are at peace with your decisions and ready to bear both the positive and negative consequences, you will feel fulfilled and pure.

If you have doubts or regrets about your decisions, it is advisable to keep in mind that every unsuccessful judgment will help you in the future to make the right choice for you.

Taking responsibility means that we do not try to escape the unpleasant consequences but endure them and weigh our actions more carefully at the next opportunity.

The Justice Tarot card indicates that injustice done to you will be taken back, like in a dispute with other people. However, fairness does not mean that the dispute will always be decided in your favor.

Fairness is a double-edged sword that has many facets. Often there are solutions in which both parties to the dispute have to make concessions to the other.

But this is what justice is all about. Deciding on a conflict as objectively as possible and both parties doing their part to make amends and deal with each other better in the future.

Once such an objective judgment has been made, we should not question every detail but accept the consequences for us and learn from them.

You may be facing a very important decision in your life, such as a job change or a move. The Justice urges you not to act rashly but to weigh your decision options carefully and prudently.

The Justice encourages you to trust both your logical mind and intuition to the same extent. Only when both head and intuition are in harmony, you found the right decision for you.

Remember that profound decisions in life often have very long-term effects on your everyday life, so take enough time for your decision-making and familiarize yourself with all possible consequences.

The Justice also focuses on seeking the truth, for example in conflicts or in faith. As with important decisions, consider many facets when searching for the truth.

The more you search, the more you will find out how detailed and complex some truths are. In some cases, you will have to correct your views and opinions about certain ways of thinking or people.

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