0 Daily High Priestess


During the day, your inner feeling will contact you more often. For upcoming decisions, you should give priority to your inner voice.

It will quickly and reliably show you the best way for you.

Detailed Interpretation

The High Priestess is the patroness of the unconscious and teaches us the secrets of the sacred, hidden knowledge and unexplored mysteries in our world.

Thus, she stands in contrast to The Magician, who symbolizes the real and material world and represents the conscious.

The High Priestess can move the thin veil between the subconscious and the conscious without effort and switch between the different levels at will.

She shows you that there is often more to our world than we can discover only by eye. Dare to look behind the facade and lift the veil.

Then you will gain new, previously hidden knowledge, which will help you gain a deeper understanding of the world.

The High Priestess Tarot card encourages the questioner not to be satisfied only with the apparent answers but to explore deeper and fathom the hidden messages of the subconscious.

The veil is only very thin and yet it blocks your view of the secret mysteries. Let your intuition guide you. Just push the veil aside and you will experience hitherto hidden knowledge that has been lying dormant deep within you.

To let your intuition guide you, sometimes you have to let go of old patterns of thinking and acting. Instead, let your inner voice guide you to the answers to your questions.

The High Priestess also indicates a certain degree of passivity. That means to withdraw from the active world a while and go into yourself.

What thoughts and feelings are present in me right now?

Where do they come from?

It is helpful to meditate or do yoga exercises regularly to open your mind to spiritual experiences.

This kind of self-awareness enables you to look behind the mundane facade of your everyday life and get more in touch with your subconscious. Let your inner voice guide you to new insights.

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