0 Daily Hanged Man


The world is upside down again today. However, this opens up completely new perspectives for you.

Therefore, do not fight against the inevitable, but accept that some things are beyond your control. Just allow yourself some time off to relax a little.

Detailed Interpretation

The Hanged Man Tarot card indicates that we need a break in our lives at the moment. We may be involved in a big project, which is currently stagnating.

Instead of investing even more energy and time, we should take a moment to step back and pause. Because only in moments of rest and pauses we can find new strength and new ideas for the solution of a problem again.

Your mind unconsciously continues to work on a challenge, especially when you distract yourself with other things and then give you the obvious solution all by itself.

Especially in today’s performance-oriented society, breaks or interruptions are usually viewed very negatively. But just like in sports, rest and downtime allow you to unfold your full potential.

Sometimes your plans are slowed down by external forces or strokes of fate that you can hardly influence. Being at the mercy or powerlessness are normal parts of your life and show you that you cannot control everything around you, just like the card of The Hanged Man.

What you can influence are your thought patterns and perspectives on such situations. For example, a serious chronic illness is a daily struggle that you cannot avoid.

You will only have the inner strength to endure such illness if you learn how valuable your time of life is and use it accordingly. If you bury yourself in self-pity, you will only waste the energy needed for your recovery.

The Hanged Man Tarot card encourages us to change our perspective to look at things in a new way. Often we approach challenges or problems with old strategies of thought and action, as these have led to success in the past.

However, the world and the challenges that come with it are not rigid but in a constant state of change. Therefore, if you are currently stuck in a problem, try to write down all the possible ideas you can think of for the solution.

Such brainstorming works best if you are not afraid to include many initially irrational or “silly” ideas. That is the only way to open up new perspectives and generate a solution from them.

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